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Have an event, an exhibition or a MICE Venue in Lucknow in mind ? We have a space for that !

Being a MICE organiser is not easy. We know that putting together a successful exhibition, conference or event is stressful and usually challenging. As new meeting formats, trends and technology continue to evolve, what you need are agile and flexible services, space and facilities, that can support all different formats your ideas generate.

Apart from competitive pricing, wide selection of spaces, innovative seating arrangements, latest in technology, super comfy accommodation, our prime location, surrounding amenities and awesome food and beverages makes Ramada Lucknow the most sought after location for MICE venues in Lucknow city.

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The Best Events, Exhibition & MICE Venues in Lucknow


Events, Exhibitions & MICE Venues

1,12,000 sq.ft

Adaptable, technology-backed Event Spaces

6,100 +

Accommodation & Amenities

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Perfect for any type of Exhibitions & MICE Events in Lucknow

Combined Outdoors Capacity  : 3500+ guests

The Amphitheatre easily accommodates 2,500 guests while the Plaza Lawns at Ramada Lucknow can accommodate 1,000+ guests for Events, Exhibition & MICE events at the hotel. Please find below a break-up of the seating capacities for standard seating layouts for both the event spaces, which will help you plan your event better.

Space Specifications The Amphitheatre  Plaza Lawns
Total Area 60,000 sq ft 31,000 sq ft
Dimensions 352 ft x 172 ft 205 ft x 155 ft
Wedding Event without stage 2500 guests 1000 guests

Combined Indoors Capacity  : 2600+ guests

The best thing about hosting your Event, Exhibition or MICE event in Ramada Lucknow is the multiple options you have in terms of space, which helps you put the whole event together in the most economical and effortless way possible. The total support of the dedicated MICE team at Ramada Lucknow is of course, a given.

Choose between the Grand Emerald (1500 guests), Emerald 1 & 2 (500 guests each) & Coral 1 (30 guests) for the various events based on your requirement. It goes without saying that all the indoor spaces are in close proximity, saving you time, energy and effort co-ordinating multiple events and delegates facilitation across the event spaces.

Space Specifications The Grand Emerald Emerald 1 Emerald 2 Coral 1
Total Area 11,000 sq ft 5360 sq ft 5360 sq ft 695 sq ft
Dimensions 187 ft x 55 ft 94 ft x 55 ft 94 ft x 55 ft 26 ft x 26 ft
Wedding Event without stage 1500 guests 500 guests 500 guests 30 guests
Theater style 1000 guests 450 guests 450 guests 50 guests
Cluster 500 guests 250 guests 250 guests 25 guests
Classroom 550 guests 270 guests 270 guests 30 guests
U-shape 300 guests 135 guests 135 guests 24 guests

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