Best Swimming Pool in Lucknow Ramada Lucknow

7.00 am – 8.00 pm (All Days)

27m X 7.4m X 1.2m

*Children’s Pool

Ground Floor (B1 Level)

 +91 0522 7123001

The Best Swimming Pool in Lucknow

The Swimming pool on the first floor of Ramada Lucknow Hotel & Convention Centre is truly one of Lucknow’s most popular urban oasis for relaxation.

Make a splash, soak in the scenic vistas of Lucknow’s most beautiful hotel architecture or go for a refreshing dip post a relaxing beverage from Cafe Quane.

Swimming attire made of Lycra material is only allowed for swimming

Please Note :

  • The Swimming Pool and its immediate environs is a strictly No-Smoking Zone
  • Please follow all safety instructions as you use the facility
  • *Parents’ presence mandatory at Children’s Pool section.This is non-negotiable.