[From 11.00 am – 11.00 pm]

Salted Bolted (Plain salted)
( Fresh kernels popped without any oil or butter and Mildly sprinkled with salt, they are exceptionally flavourful.)
Utter Butter Flutter (Mild Buttered)
(Popped perfectly in its golden glory and tossed in a little butter and pinch of salt.)
₹80₹120 ₹180
Say Cheese (Cheese Popcorn)
(Popcorn richly coated with the finest creamy cheese, perfect for a lip-smacking experience.)
Famously Caramel (Caramel Popcorn)
(Really large popcorns richly coated in the very best Caramel that crackles with every bite.)
Peri Peri (Peri Popcorn)l Corn
(Popcorn seasoned with a powdered blend of peri peri spice.)
Sizzling Tamatar (Tomato Popcorn)
(Crunchy popcorn with a tangy leading blend of spices and coated.)
Sichuan (Sichuan Popcorn)
(Spicy hues dance to the tasty Sichuan tunes.)
Brio Mix (Caramel Popcorn)
(We suggest this as our best as we get treat your taste buds to dual experience with generously coated caramel and cheese Popcorn, all in one bucket)

::Please inform our associate if you are allergic to any food ingredients::
:: All price are in Indian rupees and subject to applicable government taxes ::

:: Price are inclusive of maximum retail price (MRP) and additional charges for our facilities and service ::