Ice Gola Flavours

[From 11.00 am – 11.00 pm]

Blue Lagoon₹60
Kala Khatta                                                                                       ₹60
Masala Soda Twist₹60
Orange Tango ₹60
Pineapple Passion₹60
Raw Mango₹60
Red Rose₹60
Strawberry Berrylicious₹60
Very Raspberry₹60

Ice Gola Sundaes

Kesar Pista₹150
Mawa Badam ₹150
Malai Gola₹150
Rajwadi Gola₹150
Dry Fruit Gola₹150

Alcoholic Ice Golas

Specially created for guests who love Ice Gola with Alcohol

Hankey Pankey Gola
(Gin, sweet vermouth, orange)
Kamakaze Gola
(Vodka, Triple sec, lime)
The LIIT Gola
(Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila, Triple Sec and Cola)
Purpale Rani
(Blue lagoon infused Gin)
Very Berry Licious Gola
(White Rum, berry reduction, lime)
Cola Gola Rum
(Rum, Cola & Kala Khatta)
Whiskey Sour Gola
(Masala Soda twist, lemon, syrup with whiskey)
Mojito Gola
(Pudina masala, white rum, lime)
Mix & Match Gola (any 2 liquor)
(Go ahead and create your own combination of flavour with liquor)

::Please inform our associate if you are allergic to any food ingredients::
:: All price are in Indian rupees and subject to applicable government taxes ::

:: Price are inclusive of maximum retail price (MRP) and additional charges for our facilities and service ::