Brio Art Room


About the Brio Art Room

Brio Art Room showcases an exclusive collection of handmade, handpainted and nature-inspired art-pieces, that are on display, in association with the Brio Art House & Cafe’.

Khadi table covers and runners, Wall curtains and cushions with chikankari motifs featured in Khadi & Silk, marble artefacts, ceramic wall plates and more – with the singular objective of promoting the traditional crafts of Uttar Pradesh . Charcoal sketches, animal-inspired furnitures and handrugged carpets enriching the handmade culture and inspiring many to save wildlife and promote local artisans

Meticulously handcrafted, handmade, carefully designed and curated by our founder Ankita J. with an aim to give back to our mother earth as much as we can – our exclusive collection of eco-friendly and traditional nature-inspired artpieces are now available for sale at the Brio Art Room.

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