Welcome to Warm Dining in the New Normal

Lucknow’s favourite Cafe & Family Dining Destination retains the very same warmth and discerning taste, while also reiterating our promise and reassurance of being the safest, most secure and hygienic as it enables your preferred dining experiences.

[ 🟢 = Vegan | 🥚 = Contains Egg | 🍷 = Contains Alcohol ]


Veg : ₹ 225 : : Non-Veg : ₹ 275

[ From 7:00 am to 10:30 am ]

🟢 Breakfast Salad Bowl
(Seasonal greens, fresh fruits, toasted oats, nuts and seeds with maple dressing)
Waffles (Gluten-free)
(Made sweet or savoury as per your choice, served with butter and our homemade syrups)
🥚 Banana bread French Toast
(Two slices of banana – walnut French toast with fresh bananas, salted caramel sauce and minus 30’ espresso ice cream)
🥚 Mushroom Baked eggs
(Creamed wild mushrooms, cheddar, crispy garlic and parsley served with sourdough toast and a side salad)
🥚 Eggs to order (Scramble, Fried, Masala)
(Served with sourdough toast and a side salad)
(Sides and add-ons @ 95)

Chicken breakfast Sausage
– Crispy shredded Chicken

Wholesome Dining

[ 12:30 pm to 11:00 pm ]

Soups & Salads

Veg : ₹ 245 : : Non-Veg : ₹ 295

[ All our soups are served with local toasted bread and a side portion of house salad. Our salads are served with a portion of toasted bread ]

🟢 Watermelon Gazpacho
(Delicate flavour of cucumber and watermelon go hand in hand to create a sweet and savoury chilled soup)
🟢 Pumpkin Coconut milk soup
Soup of the day
(Ask your server for the days’ hot/chilled soup special)
🟢 Bowl of Summer Salad (Gluten-free)
(Feta cheese panna cotta, summer greens, cherry tomatoes, fresh mint, pickled onions, watermelon, orange segment, sea – salt walnuts and kalamatta olives)
(Add grilled chicken for Rs. 150)
🟢 Watermelon Feta Salad
(Watermelon chunks mixed with mint, rocket (arugula), basil, balsamic vinegar, olives and toasted seeds topped with feta cheese)

Entrées (Small Course)

Veg : ₹ 325 : : Non-Veg : ₹ 425

🟢 Fries – With choice of any one salt and dip
A. Salts : Chilli + lime or garlic + parsley
🥚 B. Classic aioli : mayonnaise + garlic
🥚 C. Tartar sauce : mayonnaise + capers + shallots + gherkins
🟢D. Pea Ketchup : peas + mint + garlic + cider vinegar
🟢 Crostini (Gluten-free) – With choice of any one topping
A. Avocado : Lemony avocado spread with basil vinaigrette &cream cheese
Sun dried tapenade
🟢 Desi Chilli Cheese Toast (Gluten-free)
(A crispy toast of cheese, green chillies & coriander)
🟢 Mediterranean Wrap
(Bell pepper, gherkin, tomato, hummus, garlic sauce, feta cheese
Served with homemade dip: – guacamole & hummus)
🟢 Crispy Corn Tempura
(Served with Raw papaya Salad and sweet chilli vinaigrette)
🥚 Leek and Gruyere Rosti with Fried Egg
( A simple and delicious vegetarian dish, potato rosti flavoured with leeks and cheese and topped with a simple fried egg.)


Veg : ₹ 395 : : Non-Veg : ₹ 475

Choice of side : French fries or charred corn salad

🟢 Bombay Sandwich (Gluten-free)
(Chutney, cucumber, tomato, cheese, on toasted local bread served with salad)
🟢 Arabic Panini
(A fusion inspired from the Middle East, Fresh home baked Panini filled with Fattoush salad)
Choose your own Sandwich
(Peppered cottage cheese/assorted seasoned vegetables/mayo chicken, tossed with mango chutney, stuffed between a French baguette.)


Veg : ₹ 395 : : Non-Veg : ₹ 495

(Vegan option available)

Dal Combo
(Choice of lentils served with steamed rice, yogurt and green salad)
Chicken Combo
(Chicken Makhani served with steamed rice, yogurt and green salad)
Chatpate Gosht ki Bowl Biryani
(Served with mutton gravy, sliced onion and burani raita)
Kacche Tarkari ki Bowl Biryani
(Served with veg gravy, sliced onion and burani raita)


Veg : ₹ 425 : : Non-Veg : ₹ 495

🟢 Pasta Arrabiata and basil sauce
(Spicy tangy tomato sauce pasta along with exotic vegetable)
🟢 Aglio E Oli (Gluten-free)
(Burnt garlic, chilli flakes, parsley and extra virgin olive oil explain it best)
🟢 Almond pesto pasta
(Pesto infused creamy cheesy pasta along with exotic vegetables)
🥚 Lasagna
(Homemade pasta ravioli filled with spinach, mushroom and goat cheese, served with fresh thyme, butter sauce, chilli oil and parmesan)
🍷 Fish and Chips
(Beer batter fried fish with fries, pea ketchup, tartar sauce and beer – pickled onions)
🟢 Osso Bucco
(Pesto infused creamy cheesy pasta along with exotic vegetables)

Sweet Treats

All at ₹ 295

Vanilla Ice Cream
Choice of topping : Rs 95 each
(Black jiggery shavings, sea salt, mint, raisins)
🍷 🥚 Tiramisu
(A classic Italian dessert with mascarpone cheese, cocoa and coffee, spiked with rum syrup)
Apple Pie
(Served with whipped cream and ice-cream)
Dessert of the Day
Ask our Team Member about it

Refreshing Juices

All at ₹ 225

[All juice are fresh and seasonal]

(Lemon juice, zest and mint – cool down)
With a twist: add coriander, jiggery, and hint of sea salt (add Rs.25)
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Juice
Add : Ginger / lemon /mint / basil


All at ₹ 275

🟢 Go Bananas
(Vegan smoothie with bananas, dates, peanut butter cinnamon and coconut milk)
🟢Seasonal Fresh Fruit
(Vegan smoothie with fresh fruit, thyme and coconut milk)


All at ₹ 175

Coffee – Served with Biscotti or centre chocolate cookies
(Almond / coconut / soya milk available)
Espresso / Café Americano / Cappuccino / Café Latte / Mochaccino
Irish coffee
(Diluted black coffee with a choice of Irish cream flavour topped with whipped cream)
South Indian Filter Coffee
(Coffee drink made by mixing frothed and boiled milk with the decoction obtained by brewing finely ground coffee powder in a traditional Indian filter)

Signature Cold

All at ₹ 295

(Almond / coconut / soya milk available)

Café Frappe
(A Shooting coffee blended with vanilla ice cream)
Frozen Mochaccino
(Frozen coffee blended with chocolate ice cream)
Oreo Shake
(A classic cookie and cream shake)

Other Hot Beverages

All at ₹ 175

Gourmet Teas (Milky / Non-milky option available)
(Served with Shakarpara / Mathri/ Khasta)
Fresh Green Apple Tea
(Paneer Makhani served with steamed rice, yogurt and green salad)
Fresh Lemon Grass Tea
(Darjeeling tea infused with fresh lemon grass)
Fresh Green Apple Tea
Choose your flavor of Ceylon Tea (Product of Ceylon district of Sri Lanka)
Ceylon Oolong Tea / Ceylon Matcha Tea / Ceylon Green Tea / Ceylon Jasmine Tea
Choose your own Flavor
Masala Chai / Cutting Chai / Turmeric Latte

More Beverages

Aerated Beverages₹200
Packaged drinking Water₹100
Sparkling Water₹250

Kids’ Meals – for the Young at Heart

All at ₹ 295

French Fries / Potato Wedges
(Fried potato wedges served with homemade sour cream or tomato ketchup)
Garlic Bread / Cheese
(House baked soft Baguette topped with garlic butter)
Pasta Pink Sauce
(Penne pasta cooked with cream and tomato sauce)
Chow Mein
(Mix of onion, tomato, bell peppers, ginger and garlic)
Chicken Nuggets
(Deep fried crumbed chicken meat)
:: Government taxes as applicable ; we do not levy any service charge::
:: Please inform our associate for any food allergens of food intolerance::