The Mango Festival Weekend at Ramada Lucknow | The Journey begins at Malihabad

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  • The-Mango-Weekend-at-Ramada-Lucknow-The-Journey-begins-at-Malihabad-2
  • The-Mango-Weekend-at-Ramada-Lucknow-The-Journey-begins-at-Malihabad-1

For those who came in late, 17-18 June 2017 has officially been announced as the Mango Weekend ( for want of a better term) at Ramada Lucknow. The weekend promises to be the ultimate celebration of the King of Fruits, in a multitude of gastronomic avatars, through Saturday and Sunday – holding pride of place for the Saturday Stories and being the centerpiece of delicacies as we celebrate the Father’s Day Brunch on 18 June 2017.

Bhupendra-Singh--Raja-Sahab-Mall--Malihabad-MangoesIn order to procure the best of mangoes the state offers, the Ramada Lucknow team travelled to Malihabad, which along with Kakori and Mal form the Mango Belt of Uttar Pradesh. The destination was the mango orchards of Bhupendra Singh, popularly known as “Raja Sahab Mall” – the uncrowned Raja of Mangoes.

About the Mangoes of Malihabad

Did you know that India ranks first among world’s mango producing countries, accounting for 52.63 per cent of the total world’s mango production of 19 million tonnes ? Uttar Pradesh has the largest area of 0.27 million hectares under mango, and the major portion of it lie in the mango belt of Uttar Pradesh.

The mango plantations of Malihabad were developed by Pathans, under the royal patronage of the Nawabs of Lucknow. Among the different varieties of mangoes grown in Malihabd, Dussheri is the most popular variety. Besides Dussehri, other varieties of mangoes such as Chausa, Fazli, Lucknowa, Jauhari, Safeda, etc. are also grown here.

The Ramada Lucknow team was warmly welcomed at Raja Saab’s abode, and got to know more about the fabled varieties of mangoes such as the Husenera, Mallika & Gulab Khas that make up for some divine culinary experiences. They also shared notes and tips (some of it completely innovative) that were intended to be a part of the Mango Weekend at Ramada Lucknow.


The team procured the best quality mangoes straight from the mango capital, which would form the central ingredient to the weekend celebration planned at Ramada Lucknow for 17-18 June 2017, both days inclusive.

You are invited for the Mango Weekend from June 17-18, 2017


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